Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


About Me

Everyone has a point of view and reference. I myself having been born in Canada, yet raised in the Caribbean has put a varied spin on my personal outlook, and how I visualize then create. These influences ultimately determine what the end product may look like. Yet, at the end of the day I am always looking to broaden my knowledge and appeal to my work.

There is always something new to try and implement in design and i like that.

Graphic Design

Having worked in advertising for over 13 years, I have experience in various forms of design, such as brand manuals, annual reports, fliers, web & print advertisements, logo and package design. I do some work in website design and also do photo retouching on occasion.


I have been illustrating since I was five years old. It is what i love to do and am always learning. Currently my illustration Portfolio is down for maintenance and should have it up soon. However you can preview some of my work on;
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